Whately 250th Anniversary Committee

Charge: The Committee is charged with planning, coordinating, and implementing a program of celebrations and events to commemorate the anniversary. 
The Committee will develop a celebratory plan including a timeline for the celebration, proposed events, publicity plan, volunteer roster, funding requirements, funding sources, and oversight of the festivities. The Committee will coordinate with other entities within the Town government including the Police Chief, Fire Chief, Historical Commission, School Department, etc. 
To ensure the broadest possible inclusion of ideas and participation, the Committee will endeavor to engage the entire community in the planning process and beyond. 
Membership: The Committee shall have 5-7 full voting members appointed by the Selectboard. When deemed necessary the Committee will form sub-committees to meet its mission, goals and objectives.
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Steering Committee

Fred Baron
Susan Baron
John S. Hannum
Joyce Palmer Fortune
Don Sluter
Keith Bardwell