Community Preservation Committee

The Community Preservation Act was enacted in Massachusetts as a way for the state to help communities preserve open space and historic sites, create affordable housing, and develop outdoor recreational facilities. The state matches a proportion of the community’s revenue dedicated to invest in these types of projects. Whately adopted the CPA in 2008 and it became effective in 2009.  Whately is one of very few communities to consistently get a high percentage match of its CPA funds. A minimum of ten percent of each year’s CPA revenues must be dedicated to historic preservation, ten percent to open space (which includes agricultural land preservation), and 10 percent to community housing.

Each participating town is required to establish a Community Preservation Committee (CPC) with five to nine members from the local boards and commissions dealing with those objectives, plus a member of the Planning Board. Whately has a seven member committee with two at large members and representatives of the Conservation Commission, Historical Commission, Housing Committee, Planning Board and the Recreation Commission. Traditionally one of the at-large members is a member of the Agriculture Commission.

The CPC is charged with preparing a plan for investments from the CPA fund and recommending projects to the local municipal authority for approval. In Whately’s case, the recommendations are made to the Select Board to be placed on the warrant for a vote at town meeting. Every project needs voter approval.

Committee Members

Name Title
Alan Sanderson Jr. Chair, At-Large
Donna Wiley Historical Commission
Andrew Ostrowski Conservation Commission
Jonathan Edwards Recreation Commission
Catherine Wolkowicz Housing Committee
Doug Coldwell At Large and Ag. Commission