Transfer Station

COVID-19 Virus: Emergency Declaration

Transfer Station to remain open with special precautions:
  • Please do not visit the transfer station if you have any symptoms-- even if you just have a cold.  Wait until at least a week after you are well.
  • Wash your hands and/or use hand sanitizer before arriving and after leaving the transfer station.
  • Buy multiple trash bags/stickers at a time and make fewer trips.
  • Keep a safe distance (6 feet) from other residents and attendants.
  • Dump your trash, recycling and compost quickly. Don’t linger on the premises to visit.

    Note: the Swap Shed is closed to the public temporarily.

Recycling is free and encouraged at the transfer station!  All unrecycled trash must be placed in a "Town of Whately" trash bag. These trash bags can be purchased at the transfer station for $2 per bag, or stickers for $3 each to afix to your own bag of any size.  Please be prepared to prove Whately residency.

The Transfer Station is located between the Highway Department and Police Station.

Whately residents can purchase an Earth Machine backyard compost bin at a subsidized price of $25.  The subsidized compost bin can only be purchased at the Solid Waste District office. 

Visit for information on backyard composting and the District’s office location.  The town encourages all residents to remove organic material from the trash and bring it to the transfer station collection program and/or use a backyard compost bin.  Approximately 25% of household trash is organic material that can be diverted to our compost collection at the transfer station or into a backyard compost bin.

Transfer Station Hours 

  • Tuesday - 12:00pm to 5:00pm 
  • Saturday  - 7:00am to 5:00pm

Franklin County Solid Waste Management District