****Chapter 61A and 61B applications, formerly due by October 1, are now due by December 1. Forms are available at our Town Offices or here********

There are many exemptions available for tax payers who meet certain eligibility requirements.  Some of these exemptions are for the blind, seniors, surviving spouses and veterans.  Check out the following information to see if you are eligible for any of these tax exemptions.  There is a section on the eligibility requirements for each of these exemptions and then under each category is the application.  

Taxpayer Guides and Applications to Real Estate Tax Exemptions in Massachusetts

Blind Persons   

Qualifying Senior Citizens  

Qualifying Surviving Spouses, Minor Children and Elderly Persons
         Application Surviving spouse, minor children 
         Application Senior Surviving spouse, minor children

Qualifying Veterans 
        Application Veterans
        Application Blind Veteran




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