Annual Town Election - June 13, 2023 from 10:00am-7:00pm

Annual Town Election - June 13, 2023 »

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Town of Whately Mailing Address Change Survey »

The Town of Whately currently uses 3 different zip codes and post offices to deliver USPS mail to residents, which can...

2023 Dog Licensing Information

2023 Dog Licensing Information »

Dogs need to be licensed every calendar year.  Thank you for keeping your license current!If you own 4 or more dogs,...

2023 Annual Street List

2023 Annual Street List  »

The Board of Registrars conducts the Annual Town Census by mail for the Town of Whately.  The information collected...

Transmission Lines

Whately Community Choice Power Supply Program »

The Whately Community Choice Power Supply Program is a municipal aggregation program. According to Massachusetts law (M...





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Please participate in our community solar survey. Your input will provide us with valuable insight that will be considered in our implementation of solar in Whately. Click here to complete the survey.




South County Senior Center 

Click here for the South County Senior Center Newsletter 

The Lifepath Grab and Go meals are in the Newsletter


News from the Whately Historical Society





We also welcome you to visit the Whately Historical Society Museum in Town Hall for three exhibits:  Roaring Brook (and the Whately Glen), and two family history exhibits: the Sanderson/Bean family of West Whately and the Zaniewski family of East Whately.  The Museum is open Tuesdays 9-noon and the first and third Saturdays of each month from 10-noon  (next weekend opening is Saturday, April 15). 


Please also renew your contribution to support the Whately Historical Society by cash or check, or by credit card on-line at our website.


Reminder:  we welcome offers of objects, letters, postcards, documents and photographs which will help us record Whately history for possible addition to our collections.

Thanks in advance for your support.

We hope you will join us.


Contact Us:

Museum:   Whately Town Hall, 194 Chestnut Plain Road

Buy a copy of the newest item, Whately:  A Short History, by Dereka Smith, and other Whately Historical Society items (T-shirts, sweatshirts, notecards with historic photos, maps, and earlier Whately histories by Thomas Crafts and Ena Cane as well as remaining Whately 250th T-shirts and candles) either on-line or when the Museum is open.

The Whately Historical Society welcomes offers of historic objects, photographs, written material and artwork. Please stop by on Tuesday mornings to discuss potential gifts with WHS volunteers, or write to us at .








Attention Whately Seniors.

Lockboxes can provide first responders with easy access to your home in the case of an emergency. If you are a senior citizen, or have a senior family member that lives in Whately and would like to have a lockbox installed on your home free of charge, please contact the police station 413-665-0430

(This service is available to senior citizens residing in the town of Whately)


                      Whately Public Library/S. White Dickinson Memorial Events

Click here for library events and happenings