15 Reasons Why Our Library Is Important

Libraries: What's in it for you?

What is your vision of a library? Is it of a place from your childhood to which you’ve never returned? Is it a place where you used to get books or movies but no longer visit because you no longer read printed books or watch DVDs? Maybe it is a place that you feel has grown with you and offers books AND so much more. Whatever your vision, it is our duty to reveal all that our (and any) library is and can be. Maybe you will be surprised, even intrigued. Let’s take a look…

  • As long as reading still matters (and it does), so will libraries. Whether you read to get informed or for pure fun (or both), the Whately Library provides you access to thousands of reading materials in both print and digital form, for FREE.
  • Our little library can only hold so much. So that’s why you have FREE access to thousands of books, movies, audiobooks, CDs, and magazines at libraries throughout Massachusetts, with your Whately Library card. Ask us how to order materials or we can do it for you. Super easy.
  • Again – our little library can only hold so much. That’s why you have access to a multitude of DIGITAL books, movies, music, magazines, comics, and databases, with your Whately Library card. For FREE. Ask us how to get started.
  • Yes, it’s all FREE. Some say it’s like having free Amazon or free Netflix.
  • What else? You could borrow museum passes and objects like telescopes, musical instruments, or tools. Still FREE.
  • Our little library packs a visual punch. It is the “library with a view,” from the inside and the outside. It’s beautiful, welcoming, and cozy. We’ve got some of the best seats in the Valley! Visit and see if you don’t agree.
  • Art and Birding and Coffee, oh my. Libraries (like ours) host concerts, movies, classes on things like yoga, art, birding, history, and much more…and sometimes serve really good coffee (see more on that below).
  • How do I?  Find a job, pay your taxes, get coupons, learn a computer program? Libraries are places that inform and empower. We’re here to guide you and we know the resources. Just ask. Free of charge!
  • Nice to meet you. Looking to connect to your friends and neighbors in a meaningful way? At the Whately Library you can start or join group discussions and clubs on all kinds of topics. We can get you started.
  • A café in a LIBRARY? Yes, more and more libraries – like ours – have a café. Ours is called The Muse Café. A place to come to and get work done (hey, the wifi is free, too), talk with friends, play board games, make things, or read. And what is a café without…
  • Coffee? Our library is proud to offer Pop-up Coffee Shops with good fresh coffee, tea, baked goods, and live music. Check the calendar online and at the library for dates.
  • Our space is your space. Book the community/cafe space for your next meeting. Run a workshop on something you are good at or know about. Just check with us and we can help you set it up. FREE for Whately residents.
  • Look to the future, while keeping what works from the past. At our library, books exist alongside technology and sewing classes. Libraries grow with the needs of the community. Of this community.
  • Democracy. Libraries do not discriminate. Everyone is welcome.
  • Sssshhhhh! Actually libraries are no longer “silent” places. You can certainly find a quiet area, but libraries are also community hubs where you can find connection, information, and entertainment.