Housing Committee


The Committee held its first meeting on March 21, 2012. Over the intervening years the committee held meetings once a month, typically on Wednesday evenings. It was originally formed to assist the Community Preservation Committee (CPC) in the use of Community Preservation Act (CPA) funds dedicated for community housing activities.

Mission Statement:

To investigate and/or facilitate the creation and support of affordable housing, which would include affordable senior housing. To encourage the innovative use or reuse of existing structures to create diverse housing opportunities while preserving the rural, agricultural character of Whately.

Meeting Dates:

First Wednesday of each month.

Activities Supporting Mission Statement:

  • Investigate options for use of CPA funds
  • Use CPA funds to conduct surveys as necessary to identify housing needs, issues, and demographics
  • Increase the affordable housing options for low and moderate income individuals and families, including low and moderate income senior housing.
  • Assist in the development, promotion, and placement of low income and senior housing
  • Investigate housing opportunities in existing buildings on previously developed or town-owned sites.
  • Coordinate with Franklin County Housing Authority on Smikes house to promote occupancy and maintenance responsibilities
  • Learn what neighboring towns are doing for housing
  • Develop or obtain database of multi-unit, multi family, and rental housing in Whately
  • Coordinate and share information with Whately Disability Coordinator and South County Senior Center

Staff Contacts

Committee Members

Name Title
Fred Baron Member
Frederick Orloski Member
Catherine Wolkowicz Chair
Natalie Bourdon
Brant Cheikes
Montserrat Archbald