Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificate Requests

Vital Records

Birth and Death Certificates are stored in two locations - in the "residence" community and in the "occurrence" community. The residence community is the location where the individual's parents were living at the time of their birth or where the individual was residing at the time of his/her death. The occurrence community is the location where the event (birth or death) actually took place.

Marriage Certificates are stored in the community where the couple filed their intentions. This is not necessarily the location where the couple was living or where the marriage took place - although this is usually the case.

If you are uncertain if your records are stored in Whately, please call or email the Town Clerk to confirm before ordering documents.

There are 3 ways to obtain copies of Vital Records (Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates).

  1. Online - Click here to pay on-line
  2. Mail - Print and fill out the appropriate form below and mail to the Town Clerk's office with a check made payable to the "Town of Whately"..
  3. In Person - Come into the Town Clerk's office during normal business hours.

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