Sharps Collection

The Franklin Solid Waste Management Office at 50 Miles St, Greenfield is a sharps collection site. Hours vary, call first: (413) 772-2438

The Solid Waste District provides free one quart or one gallon sharps boxes to residents who use needles and lancets. Once a sharps box is full, you can bring it to one of ten Franklin County locations, and pick up an empty sharps box to take home. This program is open to all Franklin County residents, and you may use whichever collection site is most convenient for you. Please call our office, at (413) 772-2438, for information about the locations and hours of the collection sites. This program is completely free to residents.

Safe disposal of sharps protects recycling and trash collection workers, as well as family members of sharps users. Help us prevent unintended needle sticks — use our sharps collection program from now on.