Proposed Zoning Changes for April 2018 Town Meeting

The Planning Board is proposing the following changes to the Town's zoning bylaws:

First, a replacement for the current Medical Marijuana bylaw that would allow commercial adult use recreational marijuana cultivation, processing and manufacture, and retail sales establishments in addition to the medical marijuana establishments now permitted and impose siting and operational requirements on all marijuana establishments for health, safety and neighborhood concerns. 

Adult Use Recreational and Medical Marijuana Bylaw

Second, if Town Meeting should not approve the bylaw proposal above, the Town would be unable to impose siting or operational constraints on adult use recreational marijuana establishments.  To prevent that, the Planning Board has proposed a temporary moratorium on recreational marijuana establishments until June 1, 2019 or Town Meeting approval of a permanent recreational marijuana bylaw.  Should the proposed recreational and marijuana bylaw pass at Town Meeting, the moratorium warrant item would be passed over.

Temporary Recreational Marijuana Moratorium

The Planning Board is also proposing changes to our zoning bylaw that would create siting and review requirements for Farmer Breweries and Farmer Brewery Tasting Rooms and would clarify the types of products which may be sold at retail in year-round nurseries and greenhouses.

Greenhouse and Farmer Brewery Bylaw Proposals