"Holey Basalt!" SESSION 1

The amazing geology stories in our Connecticut Valley "mountains" and their surroundings.
Event Date: 
Tuesday, May 1, 2018 - 5:00pm


Presented by Richard Little, Prof. Emeritus, Greenfield Community College

The Holyoke Range extends E-W from the Amherst area and then curves southward extending completely across Connecticut. It is composed of more than 400 feet of basalt lava from the Age of Dinosaurs¿ Jurassic Period. The Pocumtuck Range is a smaller example.   Find out about the development of these significant and interesting landscapes that form the backbone of the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts and Connecticut. You will learn about Pangea, flood basalts, dikes, sills, development of the Connecticut Valley and its dramatic topography, glacier action and Lake Hitchcock. Many interesting mysteries are solved in this program.

Richard Little is Prof. Emeritus, Greenfield Community College.  He has written two books and produced 2 videos about local geology, and leads "Fantastic Landscape" tours to National Parks and also Iceland and Scotland. Information about local geology can be found on his web site www.EarthView.rocks.

Funded by the Whately Cultural Council.