FootHills Health District - Business Guidance for Staying Safe During the COVID19 Pandemic

FootHills Health District -  Business Guidance for Staying Safe During the COVID19 Pandemic
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Business Guidance for Staying Safe During the COVID 19 Pandemic

- Protect yourselves and others -

Governor Charlie Baker has issued a non-essential business emergency order, which requires that only essential businesses such as markets and grocery stores, pharmacies and healthcare facilities remain open during the COVID 19 virus outbreak.  For list of essential business check here:  All other businesses are to remain closed until May 4 as per Gov Bakers order of March 31, 2020.

We support our local businesses who wish to provide safe access to food, medical care, and other essentials while protecting customers and employees from COVID 19 spread.  We realize that local businesses have been working hard to come up with ways to protect people when they do need to go out, especially grocery and convenient stores.  Here are some best practices:

Facilitate home delivery.

Facilitate online ordering and payment and make online purchasing available for EBT.

Facilitate drive-up and bagger delivery directly to car trunk (no face-to-face).

Install sneeze-guards between customer and cashier.

Provide PA announcements every 20-30 minutes to remind shoppers to use provided hand-sanitizer, keep social distance, avoid crowding, keep distance at the check-out, and to not load items onto the conveyor belt until the customer in front has completed their transaction.  Add to the announcement that healthy individuals may be using face-masks to protect themselves and others.

Create distance by closing every other register and marking floor for 6-foot spacing within lines establishing a one-way only flow for shopping in any market that has more than one aisle.

Discourage use of cash and ask customers to wipe down card readers before use; cashiers should wipe down card readers after every customer.

Consider outdoor sparse market areas for selling essential items so that fewer people need to go inside the store.

Some reminders and tips:

Outside (re-­usable) shopping bags are not permitted for use in any retail establishment.

Bag fee waived:  Customers will use bags provided by the retail establishment and no customer will be charged the 10-cent fee for paper or compostable plastic bags.

Enforce social distancing with clear markings: always Instruct staff and customers to maintain 6 feet. This is most easily enforced with clear tape markings to show customers where they should stand while in line.

Employee­‐enforced distancing:  Have one employee guide customers to form a line and wait outside of the store, also keeping a full 6 feet apart.

Wash your hands: Simple soap and water can remove virus from your hands. Hand sanitizer, rubbing alcohol and other products are also effective. Wash frequently touched surfaces such as your phone, glasses, doorknobs and countertops with any of the above.

Staffing Changes: Shorten shifts for less exposure, rotating staff, flexible schedule

If you have any questions or need more guidance, please contact the Health Agent for Whately at

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