Historical Commission

The Whately Historical Commission is appointed by the Select Board to oversee the preservation, protection and development of the historical or archeological assets of the town. 

As part of this work, the Commission was actively involved in the restoration of Town Hall as a community center and museum for the Historical Society and has endorsed several local historical preservation projects for Community Preservation Act funding.  In 2019 the Commission sought funding for the restoration of the Town Safe, located at Town Hall.  As part of this project, the Commission researched the history of the safe and its manufacturer and prepared this report,  "Whately Town Safe, History and Description".

The Commission works with state and regional planning organizations to identify the town’s historically significant areas and structures and to recommend methods for preserving them. It helps maintain the inventory of Whately’s historically significant neighborhoods, landscapes and structures which is on file with the Massachusetts Historical Commission and may be viewed at their MACRIS website. It also reviews historical preservation and rehabilitation projects which seek Community Preservation Act funding and has a representative on the Community Preservation Committee.   

The Commission presents recognition certificates to outstanding preservation projects in Whately and is always happy to receive nominations for these certificates.

The Whately Historical Society is an independent, volunteer-managed 501(c)(3) organization, separate from the Town of Whately. 
The WHS maintains a substantial collection of Whately artifacts and historical materials and is housed in Whately's historic Town Hall. Their website is whatelyhistorical.org.

Commission Members

Name Title
Alan McArdle Member
Judy Markland Member
Darcy Tozier Member
Susan Baron Member
Donna Wiley Chair